Thursday, 18 February 2016

Self Portraits


In room 11 and 12 we have been doing self portraits. They look really really cool.
Making our portraits was heaps of fun. First we got a photo taken of us and printed onto A3 paper in black and white. Then, after we had ruled them into quarters and cut them up, we chose one to do first and decided if we would use pastel, colour pencil, paint or magazine collage.

 I chose colour pencil for my first one and in the end it looked amazing.
Once you have chosen what quarter you are going to do, and have decided what you are going to do  your ready to go. 


First before you start your colour pencil, you need to pick your back ground colour, I chose green. 
Once you have chosen your back ground colour of you go. I did my hair first. My hair is  gold and blond with a bit of brown, so I had to use different shades. With what ever you do paint, pastel, colour pencil or magazine collage, you only ever go over where that part of your body is. So when I was doing my hair, I only coloured  with the colours of my hair, where my hair is on the picture. Then you move on to the other things in that quarter. Once you have done all the things in the quarter including your back ground, you move onto the next quarter where you do the same thing except not with colour pencil. 
Once you finish all your quarters you mount your quarters onto to white paper then black.

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