Friday, 2 December 2016

Mr E's Musicians

Here are the awesome, original songs written and played by some members of rooms 11 & 12. Enjoy!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Wearable Arts Update

Some fantastic progress is being made by students. We are seeing plenty of creative ideas and problem-solving, lots of collaboration and teamwork. The final costumes will be outstanding!

Friday, 1 April 2016

Mr E's Guitar

We have had the privilege of having Mr E's famous guitar in our classroom this week. It is a stunning piece of art, with real sentimental value. It inspired our own pieces of art and was a great prompt for writing.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Self Portraits


In room 11 and 12 we have been doing self portraits. They look really really cool.
Making our portraits was heaps of fun. First we got a photo taken of us and printed onto A3 paper in black and white. Then, after we had ruled them into quarters and cut them up, we chose one to do first and decided if we would use pastel, colour pencil, paint or magazine collage.

 I chose colour pencil for my first one and in the end it looked amazing.
Once you have chosen what quarter you are going to do, and have decided what you are going to do  your ready to go. 


First before you start your colour pencil, you need to pick your back ground colour, I chose green. 
Once you have chosen your back ground colour of you go. I did my hair first. My hair is  gold and blond with a bit of brown, so I had to use different shades. With what ever you do paint, pastel, colour pencil or magazine collage, you only ever go over where that part of your body is. So when I was doing my hair, I only coloured  with the colours of my hair, where my hair is on the picture. Then you move on to the other things in that quarter. Once you have done all the things in the quarter including your back ground, you move onto the next quarter where you do the same thing except not with colour pencil. 
Once you finish all your quarters you mount your quarters onto to white paper then black.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Music with Mr E

Loving our first music session with Mr E! Jammin' on the keyboards and marimbas.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Beach Ed Info

Rooms 5, 11 & 12 will be attending a ‘Beach Ed’ day at the Mount Surf Club on Monday, 15th February. The day is organised and run by Surf Lifesaving NZ.

Beach Ed is a theoretical and experiential based programme where students learn about surf and beach safety from experienced Surf Lifeguards. Students receive safety messages and then put them into practice in a managed environment. The programme is designed specifically for primary and intermediate students and aims to deliver "A safe, fun and educational day at the beach".

The programme is a mix of practical and theory sessions with activities including:
A tour of the Surf Life Saving Club and with lifeguards demonstrating key lifesaving equipment
Receiving surf safety messages to help stay safe at the beach
Understanding the role of lifeguards and the jobs they do on the beach
Learning about the beach environment - waves, rips, holes and currents
Participating in some fun beach games
Putting it all into practice in the water with activities such as body boarding, swimming and tube rescues

The emphasis is on learning to be safe while enjoying New Zealand's favourite playground - the beach! The cost for this day is $9.50 per student, which must be paid to the school office by this Friday, 12th Feb.

It is essential that children are organised for the day and have the following equipment with them:
1) Togs, towel & sunhat
2) Sunscreen
3) A big, healthy lunch and large drink of water

To make the day a success and to ensure safety of the group we require parent help - you’ll need to be prepared to get into the surf and get wet! Click here to complete the consent form/parent helper form.

Welcome to 2016!


Welcome Back

A warm welcome to all students and families as we get back into the swing of things for another exciting year of learning and fun in Room’s 11 & 12. A special welcome to Ben who is a new student at Te Puna school. As always, the first term is a busy one, which includes Beach Ed, Camp Waitomo, swimming sessions, Country Fair, and much more.

Camp Waitomo
In week 4, rooms 5, 11 & 12 will be going on a 4-day camp, staying at Tokikapu Marae in Waitomo. Activities will include caving, abseiling, team-building and fossil-hunting. In order for the trip to go ahead we require adequate parent numbers. If you would like to come on this fun camp from 23-26 Feb please email with your name and contact details. The relevant consent and medical form was emailed yesterday - please keep those responses coming through.

Eleven | Twelve Blog
We are operating a class blog this year, which the students will end up taking ownership of, in terms of the content that is displayed on it. This will be a great way that families can keep up with what has been happening in the senior school. You can find it at - if you add your email address to the ‘FOLLOW BY EMAIL’ field, you will be notified each time the blog is updated.

Beach Ed
On Monday (15th Feb), rooms 5, 11 & 12 will attend a Beach Education programme run by Surf Lifesaving NZ at the Mount Surf Lifesaving Club. This will be a great day where the kids will learn about beach safety as well as having a refreshing swim in the waves too. A big thanks to those parents who have offered to come along on the day. It is still not too late to offer your services for this day. If you are keen to come along, click here to complete the parent helper (consent) form.

Students will be swimming every second day at school (Mon, Wed, Fri in odd numbered weeks and Tue, Thu in even numbered weeks). It’s probably easiest if children bring togs and a towel every day. If students are unable to swim for any reason they must bring a signed note from home explaining why.

Weekly homework is given out on a Monday and is due back for marking on the Friday, starting in week 2. Occasionally students may be given a homework project that may take up to 2 weeks to complete.

Our year 7/8 students are required to wear the correct Te Puna school uniform. Just a reminder that this consists of either the school polo or sports shirt and black tidy shorts. School wide-brimmed hats are compulsory in terms 1 & 4. Any uniform items can be purchased through the school office.

As always, Melissa and myself are able to be contacted via email or by dropping into the classroom. You are welcome anytime.


Hamish Wadsworth