Thursday, 28 May 2015

Question Poem

A Question Poem is when you ask a question of something that you can not usually speak, and its answer becomes a poem.

To all iDevices - Why do you always have to auto-correct everything that I say? If I type something, I mean it.

Why? Because I’m programmed to.
Everything you say and or do,
is something that I can not undo,
I have to…
Even though I’m designed to do this,
you spend more time with me than you do your friends,
yes you are talking to them, but why not 
go talk to their face, maybe you could go
visit them at their place,
life on me isn’t as good as real life, you see..

Thomas Bolus

Cinquain Poetry

A cinquain is a short poem about an object, a person, or an idea. A cinquain has a title and five lines. The number of words change for each line.

Here are some examples from Mrs D's Poets:



Red blossom
Growing, remembering, pollinating
Symbol of fallen men


Dust Makers


Swift, unbeatable
Stretching, racing, striding
Fastest animal on earth

Thomas K

Prima Ballerina

Elegant, poised,
Practice, practice, enhance
Papillon in the sky




Easily advancing
Spiralling, creeping, wafting
Polluting, choking innocent air

Thomas B

Monday, 25 May 2015

Acrostic Poems

Here are a couple of magnificent ACROSTIC poems written by Mr W's writing group.

Single word acrostic
C onfident
A ctive
T rouble!

Single line acrostic (check out the alliteration)
C reeping, crawling in the night
A ctively hunting out of sight
T rouble-making till first light!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Using "Blend - Overlay" in Acorn

These are my textured capsicum. I used three different textures: Cracked Mud, Fabric and Brick.
First I used the setting, overlay, rubbed out the unnessesary texure that wasn't covering the capsicum and changed the settings yet again. On the far left I used the setting called "Saturation", and the one on the right, I used "Color Burn"

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My First Acorn

This was my first time using Acorn and it was difficult to understand, but once you knew what all the tools did it was quite easy and very fun.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Winter Sports

Winter sports have now well and truly started. Hopefully you are getting fully involved, listening carefully to your coaches, and playing your hardest.

In the video below, my Sam is enjoying his first ever Saturday morning playing sports. He has chosen to give hockey a go (he'd fit right in here at Te Puna :-)) and he absolutely loved it.

Feel free to share any photos or video footage you might get of yourself or your team playing this season.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Picasso Biography

Watch the video below to find out some interesting facts about Picasso. Try the links beneath the video for any extra information, and for images of him and his work.

Other Weblinks

Link 1
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Wikipedia Link
Picasso Paintings

Thursday, 14 May 2015


We have been looking at the visual art style 'Cubism' and influential artists such as Picasso and Braque. Using this genre as inspiration, and a guitar as our still life, we are creating our own cubism-influenced paintings. The colour palette is limited, as we are focussing on Picasso's 'Blue period" where he only painted in blue and grey tones for a number of years after the loss of a close friend.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Epic Table Tennis Rally

Here's some inspiration for you ping-pong freaks!!! The point of the century, they reckon.

WBOP Junior Qualifiers Badminton Tournament

.:Badminton Tournament:.

On Monday the 11th eight keen young Badminton players from Te Puna School embarked on an adventure to face some of the Bay Of Plenty's best up and coming Badminton players. Being just a small school we only sent one team where as some of the other larger schools like Bethlehem sent multiple teams. 

Our first experience was a bit rough as we were all beaten about twenty one four so that didn't help to boost any morale in camp Te Puna, where as the second and third matches went much better most of us won our games with great results in the doubles as well. 

All in all it was a great day we learnt lots of skills on the fly and by watching the more experienced players play there games and if nothing else, it beats being at school all day.

By Thomas Holdom  

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Year 7/8 Amazing Race

This year Te Puna School was really lucky to be able to compete and have fun in the Amazing Race!
If you are wondering what the Amazing Race is, it is a problem solving and teamwork race run by Sport Bay of Plenty. This event was held at the Tauranga Historic Village, Wednesday 6th of May.

Our Te Puna School team consisted of 6 students: Thomas H, Manga, Ryan, Ella, Mete and me, Deija. We were up against many other teams from the wider BOP region.

The aim was to work together to find answers and decipher coded clues to reach each destination and complete our passport. Some of the puzzles included lollie and button guesses, learning sign language, taking interesting photos and really getting your brain working.
At the end of the day we guessed the exact number of lollies and got to keep them all, there was a whoping 85, leaving 14 each and of 2 for Mrs D. 

We managed to complete all the quests in our passport, and ran over the finish line before time was up. I had an AWESOME time and know everyother team member did too!

One thing we did realy well was to work together and trust our team members to do the right thing because all of my team members did. We are still waiting to hear from Sport BOP on where we placed. Fingers crossed!


In this race we were told to take a picture with the tractor and overalls provided. It turned out a hit!  Look at all the blank expressions on why this old tractor is not working.

This is the the word Te Puna in sign language. Could you learn every letter in sign language?

One of our most fun activities was the relay. We each had to do a different thing. Egg and spoon race, three legged race and the potato sack race.