Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Stuck in the Sea
By Caitlin
There’s that moment when you know that you're in serious trouble.

Large, powerful waves crashing over my exhausted body, forcing me under the water. 
Fighting, struggling to surface. I gasp for a breath as my head emerges above the ocean. I glance at the shore, it looks miles away. With the waves still crashing over me, I slowly pull against the current, towards the shore. As the last of my energy ebbs away, I finally heave myself onto the damp, ruff sand. 
My lungs aching for lack of air, my heart pounding with exhaustion.

There’s that moment when you know you just escaped serious trouble.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Action/Movement Photography

I have chosen this photo as my favourite action shot because I have all of her body in it and the ball. I also like how the subject is looking up at the ball and reaching out for it. My favourite thing about this photo is how the subject is in the air and how her body is positioned. You can clearly se the focal point and the background helps draw the attention towards her.